White wine matured in French oak barrels from Sauvignon blanc 70% & Μαlvasia candia 30% organic grapes.


Recommended with white meat, pasta, shellfish and fruit salad.

Serve chilled at 10-12ºC.


Can be matured in the bottle for an additional 2 years.  


The Story of Helen

The most beautiful woman of her time, daughter of King Tindarios and Lida of Sparta. Helen was the secret daughter of Zeus and Lida. All the available kings of her time wanted her hand in marriage. After swearing to King Tindarios that regardless of who married her, all suitors would defend her in time of need, Menelaos was chosen for her husband, the richest and strongest of all Achaions.

Helen and Menelaus were happy for a while. But then Helen met Paris of Troy and the two eloped to Troy. Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon set sail with a vast army to bring Helen home. Thus began the Trojan War. And Helen would be remembered as "the face that launched a thousand ships".




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