During the past 20 years, at an altitude of 300m we founded the winery and homestead out of love for nature. With a lot of personal work, the homestead has become our permanent dwelling. Surrounded by organically cultivated vineyards and forests and orchards, as well as a variety of animals from local species, the homestead has become a miniature Eden.

    The homestead was built by the Peteinis family, whose goal was being autonomous using environmentally friendly means for survival.

    The vineyards were cultivated by the proprietor with great love and devotion, expressing his love for wine, which is man’s oldest drink from years gone by.

    The family’s first contact with the market was through supplying local homes and shops, and gradually branching out to the rest of Greece and then Europe.

    In the following years a winery was built, with the same care and emphasis placed on detail. The winery is equipped with the latest of technology, including the latest bottling equipment.

    The winery is certified and inspected by the authorities and organizations promoting organic cultivation, from the day of its founding.




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