In 1991 Nick Petinis planted his first vineyard, on a mountain less than 10 kilometers from the Greek northern border. 

The farm is about 30 hectares and is totally surrounded by forest. The homestead is found on the pathway of Vardari (the well known North wind of Thessaloniki) and due to its position and the influence of the North wind on the vineyards, has the advantage of being in a dry area, which is beneficial to the vineyards. The climate is very dry, with big differences in temperatures from night to day, from summer to winter. There is no pollution of soil, air or water in the area. 

    All of the above mentioned contribute to the production of a wine that is totally environmentally friendly and healthy for human consumption. Under the supervision of specialists in wine making, the species of French and Greek grapes such as Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Malagouzia, Syrah, Xinomavro and Sauvignon Blanc, are used to produce the different wines.   




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